Making sure a business is listed on maps is a necessity for a bricks and mortar business.The payoff is worth the effort for the business owner. 


  1. Ease of finding your business for the client.
  2. Their audience is more likely to become your client
  3. Search engine optimization - every link back to your site helps!
  4. Client engagement.  People leave comments and/or reviews on multiple platforms.  Knowing what is being said about your business in important!
  5. Potential for being added to software. Remember that  programmers use maps to create their software.  Many times these maps are already populated with business information.  

Be Prepared

Each listing should take roughly 30 minutes.  Have a document with your business name, address, phone number, slogan, mission statement ready. Have the business logo and several high quality advertising images ready too. Google offers a wide variety of picture placement as well.  Remember the keyboard short cuts (Ctrl A is select all, Ctrl C is copy and Ctrl V is paste.  Ctrl Z is undo!)  

Each map has their own verification process.  Follow the directions and if questions arise, contact us!  We are a Put Or Cities on the Map Google partner.  

Mapping Services

Google Maps

Why:  Google is so synonymous with searching the Web that it became its own verb, but that’s not its real business. At the core of Google Search, Gmail, Google Docs, Google+, and other services, Google is primarily an advertising platform. Now, Google is incorporating ads into Google Maps in a way that benefits local businesses.


Step by step tutorial here

Apple Maps

Why:  More than 5 billion map-related requests each week.  Most used mapping software in UK.  Why does that matter in the USA?  Tourist use Apple Maps.


Step by step tutorial here.

Bing (Microsoft) Maps

Why: Google relies on strength in numbers of its Android (and Maps) ecosystem, which Microsoft lacks -- but Bing Maps uses Nokia's well-regarded Navteq traffic system.  Make sure your business is on the both!  


Step by step tutorial here