Apple Maps now more popular than Google Maps on iPhone, iPad

Apple maps has rolled out a new and improved version of their mapping software.  The iPhone maker revealed that Apple Maps is now used three times as often as its "next leading competitor," namely Google Maps, on Apple iPhones and iPads, the Associated Press reported Monday Dec 7, 2015. Apple's navigation app tallies more than 5 billion map-related requests each week, the AP said. 

Be Prepared

  1. Apple Account
  2. Business Information
  3. Business Category
  4. Social Media Links

Create Business Listing

  1. Log in at  with your Apple ID and password. 
  2. Select your relationship to your business.  The choices are: “I’m the business owner or “I’m authorized by the business owner.”
  3. Enter business details
  4. Verify your business phone number: allow Apple to call the number you supply. The call will provide you with a PIN code from Apple. If needed, you can opt to “Verify Later.”
  5. Confirm your business location: Select a category, if you don’t see a category that fits, you can suggest one.
  6. Confirm your hours of business  
  7. Add company website and social media accounts
  8. Review click “OK”  New listings should appear within Apple’s Maps app within a week at most. If additional verification is required, expect to hear from Apple soon.