Professional people can have their own Google My Business Listings.  

One sentence, that sounds so simple, yet has created so much confusion.  My goal today is to help clarify some of the confusion.  

Step 1:  Who is a Professional?

The person is in a public-facing role.  In other words, they are open for appointments.  This would include doctors, lawyers, or anyone who can be "directly" contracted at the verified location during stated hours. 

Step 2:  Creating the Title

There are two considerations here.  Is the person the only public-facing practitioner at the location or are they part of a larger team?

If they are the only public-facing practitioner at the location ie. an insurance agent, real estate agent. Then create the title like this:  [brand/company]: [practitioner name]   Acceptable: "Allstate: Joe Miller" (if Joe is the sole public-facing practitioner at this Allstate-branded location)

If the person is one of many people who are in the public-facing role then the title should be the name of the practitioner.  Acceptable:  Joe Miller

Step 3: There be Monsters....

Google will automatically create listings.  We had a doctors office who preferred to have one listing for the office.  The Google people listing could not be removed.  We ended up making a listing for each doctor and made sure they pointed to the main office.  

Many businesses restrict how their name can be used online.  Be sure and verify how the business name can be used. 

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