The Challenge 

Real estate agents, like most businesses know the challenge of getting found in local search results.  It is called local SEO, or local search engine optimization.  It is much different than the average SEO campaign.  In this article we are going to get you started on making it happen.

First Some Facts

  • National Association of Realtors' Digital House Hung study: 69% of home shoppers who take action online begin with a local search term.
  • Google has cut back the number of results displayed in their search engine results pages to 3.  Why?  Well three results shows up better on mobile - where most local searches are coming from.
  • Where does Google get the information it displays?  From the Google My Business free business listings.

Google My Business Listing

  • Agent or Agency?  Does it matter?  Yes!
    • Create the agency first with the agency information.  
    • Then create a Google My Business listing for the agent
  • What happens if an agent claims the agency listing?
    • When the business listing is claimed the faulty listing is discarded, but Google remembers.
    • All reviews will be discarded and the agent will have to start all over again.  
  • Do reviews matter?
    • According to this blog 10 or more reviews gets businesses 3.5x the attention and 6.3x the enquiries.  

How do I start?

  • Go to: and follow the steps
  • There are some basic rules: (Learn more HERE)
    • The business must be open for business.  If you are still under construction wait until you are open.
    • The business should be in the business owners name and email.  
    • The account can have a manager, but the account should be in the owners name.
  • Example:
    • Let's say we have an office in Arlee Montana.  We are a ReMax agency.  
    • We do NOT put in ReMax Arlee Montana we use ReMax as the name with our location  

Where can I get help?

Google creates a business listing based on the information it has.  There are times when the information is incorrect. The phone number and the address. This is where we can help.  
Use our contact form or call us at (406) 396-0888.  We can help in all steps of creating a Google Business Listing 
We will need to see a business license or a bill with the owners name and the business name

Major Points

  • May 21, 2015 Google cut back on the number of businesses displayed.  They now display 3 businesses. This is in response to the rising number of mobile users
  • Businesses with 10 or more reviews get 3.5 times the attention and 6.5 times the inquiries.
  • Local behavior and mobile location can play a role in search results.
  • 91 percent of consumers turn to their mobile devices in these moments for help making decisions.



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