First Impressions Count 

 Understanding what the latest website trends are is very important.  Take some time and explore the web!  Find 5 sites you like and 5 sites you do not like. Be sure and check the websites on multiple devices, cell phones, iPads, note pads and towers.  Do you like how it looks and reacts?  
What social media outlets are used?  Are they using video? 
Explore websites in your field as well as other fields!  When you are ready we will meet and talk about these websites and why you choose to share the site with us.  This gives us a great first step to designing a site you like!   

The Rule of Threes

It is time now to create an outline with search engine optimization in mind.  Organizing your content in easy to digest sections helps your clients!  Our easy to use search engine optimization (SEO) outline helps build SEO in every step of the way.  Keep in mind that information can be broken into three sections, what they need to know to make an informed decision, what you want to tell them and frequently asked questions
Have you considered the Rule of Threes?  Steve Jobs understood how to present complex products in an easy way  with the Rule of Threes!  The Rule Of Threes allows you to introduce your message, emphasize it, and then make it memorable.  Outlining your website to take advantage of the Rule of Threes helps in a variety of ways.  If you have more than three supporting points then you can just use your top three. Fewer than 3 points will not give you quite the same amount of punch, and more than 3 risks putting your audience to sleep.
We now have an idea of  what the website will look like, the information we want to share and our SEO!  

Email Updates!

Google likes websites that are regularly updated.  Updating your website can be as easy as sending an email!  Our easy to use system allows you to attach a picture and send.  
Your new information can go to your website and to select social media outlines.  
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