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Creating Connections

Social media loves unique posts that capture the viewer's attention and imagination in less than a minute. What better way to entice visitors to learn more?  Our Micro World Magic posts can be used on a variety of social media platforms. 

What is a Micro World Magic post? We morphed a 360° image to capture the imagination and added music. The goal is to present the resort in a new and unique way.  By utilizing the 360° imagery from Tamaracks we created a social media post was shared 18 times, reaching over 2,700 people

Return Visitors

We saw a spike in return visitors to the 360 Virtual Reality Tour after posting the Micro Wild Magic for Tamaracks Resort.  Tamaracks Reort, like all resorts thrive on return visitors. We knew we were successful when our return visitor count to the 360° Virtual Reality Tour increased 10 fold!

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