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Tamaracks Resort ~ 360° Virtual Reality Tour Case Study

Below are the actual numbers for Tamaracks Resort 360° Virtual Tour.  Tamaracks Resort has opted to have two 360° Virtual Tours.  One for the resort and one for attractions. This report covers the Tamaracks Resort 360° Virtual Tour.  In a nutshell people are taking control of the virtual tour and creating their own walk through of the property.  Average time on a website is usually less than a minute, average time on Tamaracks Resort 360° Virtual Tour is over 6 minutes.  While we were there filming their Ultimate Bridal Give Away a client was booking her cabins for two years.  That is success!

Visits Overview 90 Days 1 Year
Visits to the 360° Virtual Reality Tour
If a visitor comes to the virtual tour for the first time or if they visit a page more than 30 minutes
after their last virtual tour view, this will be recorded as a new visit.



Average Visit Length
Average duration of a visit, average time on a website is usually less than 1.5 minutes

5 Mins 19 Sec

6 Mins 31 Sec

Percentage of Visitors Who Stayed and Explored Another Panorama
Most visitors leave a website after viewing one page. 
Virtual Tours are an exception, most stay to explore. 
88%  87%

Actions per Visit
Moving the virtual tour to create their own walk through of the property.

57.8 49.1
Generation Time
Search engines demand fast page general time.  A 1 second generation time impacts page rankings
0.35 Sec 0.31 Sec
Total Actions
Total number of times the end user took control of the virtual tour.
12,032 386,961
Page views  




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