AI Consulting and Strategy Development

How could AI help you optimize your digital strategy?

Are you making the most of the data you have to improve your web presence?
What parts of your digital strategy need refinement for better results?

Imagine a digital strategy that not only enhances your website but optimizes your entire online presence. Our AI-driven approach ensures that your business is visible and engaging across all digital platforms. We help you analyze data, integrate AI tools, and refine your digital touchpoints to create a cohesive and effective web presence. What aspects of your digital strategy could benefit from a boost?

Developing Wings offers virtual classes.

What our clients say….

This class removed any apprehension I had with AI. Roxanne and her team did a fantastic job in explaining how AI works and how to make AI work for you. Since taking this course, I’ve used ChatGPT for solutions in personal and private matters. In fact, I ask ChatGPT to review my inquiries and summarize my experience. Here is the response:

From our conversations, it seems like you’re using ChatGPT for a broad range of topics, from looking into practical advice and creative ideas to sharing your thoughts and seeking insights. You appear to value thoughtful discussions and a blend of perspectives. You aim to improve your environment, deepen your understanding, and enjoy activities that bring fulfillment, like DJing or being supportive for your son. Your approach is open-minded yet discerning, and you’re interested in hearing different viewpoints that can help clarify the best truth or solution.

Ray Brown

Roxanne has helped out our business so much. Her knowledge and professional manner is a treat! She is always wanting to help and guide and we appreciate her constantly!

Carly ~ Meng Dentistry

I took a class from Roxane on ChatGPT and loved it. It gave me a really good overview of features and functions and provided a foundation for me to explore how it could work for me. With the information she provided, I could delve deeper into the possibilities without a lot of guesswork since I had the basics I needed to go further on my own. Highly recommended.

Karen Kallestad

Very knowledgable and up to date on web cams, and drones in addition to being a good teacher.

Addendum: in the past year Roxanne has taken an interest in AI and using chat gtp for various purposes. She and her colleagues are very good educators and personally followup on students success

Vince Meng

The exposure to this new technology has opened up many opportunities where this can make our work easier. I appreciate Roxane developing this class. This exposure answers many questions and reduces my anxiety about this technology. Thank you Roxane.

Steve Clairmont

Empower Your Team with AI Knowledge

What AI skills does your team need to enhance your digital presence?
How could advanced AI knowledge transform your business operations?
Are you ready to lead your business into the AI-driven future?
The Soar with AI Team engages in a dynamic podcast, with each member surrounded by a personalized virtual background that reflects their passion and expertise

Equip your team with the skills needed to leverage AI in their daily operations. Our training programs, at Soar with AI, offers hands-on experience with tools like ChatGPT, helping you and your team stay ahead in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Are you ready to empower your team with the knowledge to drive digital success?

“What is ChatGPT Class”
June 20, 2024 2:30 PM MST

Tailored Solutions for Your Business

How could AI help you optimize your digital strategy?
Are you making the most of the data you have to improve your web presence?
What parts of your digital strategy need refinement for better results?

Transform your business with our expert AI consulting services. We work closely with you to develop and implement AI strategies that drive efficiency, innovation, and growth, ensuring your business is ready to soar. How can AI consulting help you unlock new opportunities for your business?