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ChatGPT Explored with Austin Hiers on eFEy Talks

Don’t miss this lively podcast episode where Austin Hiers of eFEy Talks dives into the exciting world of ChatGPT* with us. We share plenty of laughs and shed light on how ChatGPT is reshaping digital interactions. This engaging session goes beyond a typical interview—it’s a dynamic exchange of ideas and experiences. 

* Some of this information has changed. We constantly update our class with new information. This video gives you a taste of who we are and the fun we have in class. Come join us!  

From Podcast to Participation

If you found our discussion intriguing and want a deeper understanding of ChatGPT, why not join one of our interactive classes? Our sessions are designed as collaborative roundtables, encouraging every participant to voice questions and share insights. This format ensures a rich learning environment, perfect for both newcomers and tech enthusiasts looking to deepen their knowledge.

Take the Next Step: Ready to move from listener to active learner? Our classes offer a unique opportunity to engage directly with ChatGPT technology in a supportive, community-driven setting. Discover how to apply AI tools innovatively in your own projects and workflows.

“What is ChatGPT Class”
June 20, 2024 2:30 PM MST

ChatGPT Classes

Soar into the world of ChatGPT

Dive into the world of AI with our Introduction to ChatGPT class! Begin your journey by exploring the basics of ChatGPT, and discover its power to transform everyday tasks. Additionally, from crafting compelling content to enhancing communications, learn how this technology can seamlessly streamline your workflow. Moreover, our class is more than just learning; it’s about sharing laughs, exchanging success stories, and collectively navigating challenges. Join us for a hands-on, engaging experience and start using AI to elevate your projects effectively.

ChatGPT Classes
ChatGPT Classes
ChatGPT Class: Website Competitor Analysis

Embark on a Search Wizardry Journey

Take control of your website with our “Search Wizardry: Website Competitor Analysis” class! Specifically designed for the everyday user, this ChatGPT class effectively demystifies SEO and teaches you how to outsmart your competition. Furthermore, learn the essentials of keyword analysis and content optimization in a fun, friendly environment. We’ll guide you through simple tools and techniques, thereby enhancing your site’s visibility and attracting more visitors. Join us to transform SEO challenges into opportunities by leveraging the power of ChatGPT.

Data Playbook
ChatGPT & Your Data Unleashed

Take a Fresh Look at Data

Explore how ChatGPT can help you simplify tasks and unveil actionable insights from your data. This one-on-one session is designed to be practical and engaging, focusing on streamlining data management. We will handle the setup and guide you through how to interact effectively with your data using ChatGPT, ensuring you gain a basic but solid understanding of how to leverage AI in your data analysis.

One on one ChatGPT Class by appointment only.

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