BitLocker Error Screen
BitLocker Error Screen

Recently a client ran into BitLocker screen and could not get past it. The client does not use BitLocker and had not registered the computer with Microsoft.

  • What is BitLocker encryption?
    • It is a data protection feature that tries to protect data from any unusual behavior. The goal is to stop unauthorized data access. For example a lost or stolen laptop.
  • How is BitLocker enabled?
    • Select Start Menu.
    • Type BitLocker into the search box.
    • Select BitLocker Drive Encryption.
    • Click on Turn on BitLocker.
  • How do you find the BitLocker recovery key?
    • As soon as you turn BitLocker on PRINT the recovery key and put in a safe place. Technically we should be able to recover the key in the Microsoft Account.
    • Microsoft support is unable to provide, or recreate, a lost BitLocker recovery key.
  • Computer is not registered with Microsoft and I do not have the BitLocker Key – what now?
    • That was the issue I hit with my client’s computer. We were very fortunate the computer did not have any data on it. When a computer is reformatted all data is lost, but the computer can be used. It is possible to use a USB flash drive with the appropriate Windows .iso.
    • Any version of the current windows .iso will work


  • Always register your a windows computer with Microsoft. Like my client, I do not use BitLocker and have not registered my computers with Microsoft. From this point forward I will register my Windows machines with Microsoft.
  • If you use BitLocker PRINT the BitLocker key off and file it.
  • All attached drives can be BitLocked
  • Make sure your remote backup is up to date before installing Windows Updates. From my research several people have had their hard drives locked after an update.
  • Windows 11 .iso will work on any version of the same operating system.

Possible Fix

danmarnic-3744 answered • Sep 06 2022 at 2:38 PM | CraigJW-0410 commented • Oct 12 2022 at 12:55 PM

Hi I have same problem with bitlocker key request after update.
After days playing with with different settings i manage to login without that key and without loosing data.
My solution for envy x360 :
stage 1 In bios : boot options, change secure boot to disable . save and exit bios
stage 2 In bios : boot options, change secure boot to enabled , clear all secure boot keys, load hp factory default keys . save and exit .

Start windows and wait bitlocker key request should not show any more.

log in with your credential disable bitlocker or save key on pen drive (not on hdd/sdd ).


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